Best Elvis wedding songs

The King of Rock and Roll has been gone for more than four decades, but his music lives forever.  Millennials don’t put Elvis Presley on the same pedestal as earlier generations, so it’s worth a blogpost talking about the best Elvis wedding songs, because there are some good ones.

How popular is Elvis?  Well, some 382,000,000 people streamed his music on Spotify last year.  But a recent poll by YouGov discovered that 29% of eighteen to twenty-four year olds have never heard a single Elvis song.

He’s worth listening to because of his profound impact on music.  He blended gospel, rock and roll, and the blues to create to create an impressive, distinctive body of work.

Ballads, in particular, showcased the depth of his high baritone voice.  Hawaiian Wedding Song was a big hit Elvis, which he performed in the movie Blue Hawaii in 1961:

Elvis had another hit love song in his 1957 movie, Loving You.  Here’s the title song:

Can you picture your first dance to this song?

Elvis had a huge number one hit with a Civil War tune, called “Aura Lee.”  You may know it better by the name, “Love Me Tender,” with new lyrics supplied by Elvis himself and Ken Darby (although Darby used the pseudonym ‘Vera Matson’ on the credits).  Check out this old television broadcast of the song:

You’ll note that Elvis sang in an era with shorter songs, which is pretty good thing to consider on your first dance song.  After all, your family and friends will be itching to join you on the dance floor!

Of all the best Elvis wedding songs, which is the best? Well, it’s awfully hard to beat this one:

Which is your favorite?

Whatever it is, we have all of the best Elvis wedding songs, and we’ll play it on the best equipment with clear, controlled sound.  Elvis songs deserve the best, and that’s what DJ Delights provides:  the best.