Wedding flowers controversy 

wedding flowers controversy

22% of recently married couples said they overspent on flowers

Even the Wall Street Journal got involved in the wedding flowers controversy. A man wrote in to their advice columnist with this question:

“I’m planning my wedding, and my fiancée and I disagree about one major topic—the flowers. All of the options we’ve seen are incredibly expensive, and I’m just not comfortable spending so much money on something that is only going to last a day or two. But my fiancée feels the wedding wouldn’t be complete without flower arrangements at every table. Is there any way I can change her mind?”

Good question

DJ Delights is a big fan of wedding flowers, because they are simply beautiful, and weddings deserve to be beautiful. But the question above is spot-on.

The wedding flowers controversy kicks in when the bills come due. In a survey conducted by Zola, 22% of recently married couples said they spent too much on wedding flowers.

According to The Knot, couples nationally average spending $2354 on flowers, some 7 percent of their entire budget. And yet according the Zola survey, these same couples wished (after-the-fact) that they had spent more on memories, wedding planning, and the entertainment.

Decor lighting can save you money

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There is no need for you to get embroiled in the wedding flowers controversy that affects so many couples.

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