Avoid this tacky wedding etiquette mistake

wedding etiquette mistakeDon’t come across as a “gimme” person! Don’t put  your registry info on your wedding invitations. I know it’s so very tempting to discreetly list the URL for your registry at the bottom of your invitations. Don’t! It’s tacky. It’s a wedding etiquette mistake you don’t have to make, because modern technology has solved the problem.

The traditional approach

In the past, a bride simply left registry details with her parents, grandparents, and her wedding party and let word-of-mouth do the rest. That still works. Now, however, wedding couples increasingly publish their own wedding website. Voila! The perfect place to post registry details without being tacky.

The wedding website

Okay, what else should you put in on your wedding website?  Tell them a little about you and your fiancée’s love story, how you met, and your background. Everyone’s a sucker for a love story. But don’t go into too much detail, just the major points.

Tell them about your wedding details, where and when with some nice pics. Then you might want to tell them a little about your honeymoon plans, and why you chose the location.

You might include a guest book on your website for your friends to write you a quick note. Your wedding day will seem like a blur, so you’ll cherish the comments friends leave on your website.

So don’t come across as a greedy “gimme” person by listing your registry info on your wedding invitations. That’s a major wedding etiquette mistake. List your wedding website instead.

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