Wedding invitation etiquette for contemporary couples

Wedding invitation etiquette hasn’t changed much over the years. But the look of wedding invitations sure has.  Today’s couples are creating some wildly original invitations, but the basic etiquette remains essentially the same.

When to send invitations

wedding invitation etiquette

Wedding invitations are getting creative!

Are you getting married in town?  Then send your invitations out six to eight weeks in advance.  That gives most of your guests plenty of time to make arrangements and lock your event into their calendars.

If you’re planning a destination wedding, better get them out a good three months before your wedding date.

Increasingly, most contemporary couples send out save-the-date cards.  Ideally, you’ll send yours about about six to eight months in advance of your event.

Can you plug your registry info on your wedding invitations?

wedding invitation etiquetteNo.  Very, very tacky.  And don’t put it on your save-the-date cards either for the same reason.  Save it for your wedding website (which you CAN include on your invitation).  That’s the perfect place to list your registry details without looking greedy, which you’re not.

RSVP info

You’ve got two big considerations as your wedding date draws near.  First, you need a headcount for the caterer, who usually wants hard numbers a week in advance.  Secondly, you need some time to create your seating chart … and it does take some time.  Ask your guests to RSVP two to three weeks in advance to allow plenty of time for both.

Inevitably, some guests that you KNOW are coming still haven’t RSVPed. Pick up the phone and prod them before it’s too late to include them in your final planning preparations.

Dress code info

What kind of affair are you planning?  Alert your guests what to wear in the lower right-hand corner of your invitation with an apt description, such as:

  • Black tie
  • Cocktail attire
  • Casual attire

The style of your invitation will certainly signal the type of affair you’re planning.

The details that go into your invitation are pretty standard, but what you do with those details can be simply amazing.  Just look at some of the cool ideas on this page!

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