Couples regret it when they scrimp on the wedding videographer

wedding videographerZola did a survey of recently married couples to pinpoint post-wedding regrets.  They learned that couples really regret scrimping on memories, especially when it comes to professional wedding videography.

In hindsight, twenty-five percent wished they had spent more on the wedding videography (and 22% wished they had spent more on photography).

Where couples go wrong is thinking that good ‘ol Uncle Charlie can simply videotape their event, and it will only cost them a six pack!

Granted, video technology has closed the gap between a polished professional and a good amateur, but not by that much.

The top videographers are artists

They know how to tell your story in a finished wedding recap that friends and families will enjoy watching for years … and decades to come, as you can see in the example above from a wedding that took place in Georgia.

You’ll enjoy tasteful effects, smooth edits, multi-camera coverage, and great music in the hands of a polished professional.

The average wedding video goes for $1912

According to The Knot’s 2017 Real Weddings Study, the average price paid nationally for a professional wedding videographer was $1912.  But after the fact, according to Zola’s survey, couples wished they had spent more.  After all, these are the precious memories couples want to share with future children, such as the great father/daughter dance below.

Who knows, maybe ten years down the road, your future kids will look at a video like this one and say, “wow, look at those moves!”

Interestingly, couples also had regrets when it came to the entertainment.  Ten percent wished they had spent more.

DJ Delights offers great services, including decor lighting and photo booths, which allows you to create a unique event experience.

In fact, the Knot survey reveals that 41% of couples include wedding guest entertainment (beyond music) as part of their wedding reception festivities, up from 11% as recently as 2009.

So just as you shouldn’t scrimp on wedding videography, don’t scrimp on the entertainment, since entertainment makes the event.